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Men, I’m so excited for the post, because my Foodtography School staff and I have been focusing on something important, and it is fairly epic! We’ve come out with something to strengthen your food photography match, like, immediately. Adding: 5 Custom Lightroom Food Photography Presets! I have always believed strongly that Composition is 51 percent of a photograph, and it’s 49%. Meaning, how you edit is nearly as important as how you write a photograph. But editing can be tough, especially for folks just starting out in the food photography planet. It’s hard to train your eye to see subtleties, let alone know what you should be searching for. So to help you on your food photography travel, I’ve created a bundle of 5 best personalized Food Photography Presets good for a variety of styles of food photographs. Below you’ll get a description of every single preset, as well as advice about how to upload your presets into Lightroom. When you’re ready to purchase your food photography presets bundle, click here to go to our payment portal. The price of this 5 presets is $50. Once you purchase, you’ll get a confirmation email with a cookie attachment! Last, a couple things to note: With every one of these presets, you will still must play to your white balance. White balance varies dramatically dependent on the Lightroom Presets Food de surroundings where we’re shooting, so I have abandoned the white balance un-touched in every one of these presets. Exposure will have to be adjusted slightly, based on the way you are inclined to take. For example, if you overexpose your photos, you may locate these presets overly bright. Just bringing down your vulnerability should correct this problem. For the bright and bold type: This preset creates a mild, bright, and contrasty edit. Your photos are going to have richer colours, bright and dismissed highlights, and also a lot of clarity. This preset works best on photographs with yellows, greens, and blues, and does not do the job as well with reds and purples. For your chocoholic: This really is created for chocolate. It deepens oranges and reds for that wealthy and luxurious look. Use this preset when photographing brownies, ganaches, truffles, or basically anything with CHOCOLATE! For the drama queen: This makes for a bold food picture. It creates amazing separation between lights and blacks, with very deep shadows and gentle highlights. Whites are fresh and desaturated, and greens soda. It’s excellent for all colors in the spectrum. For the gold child: This meals photography makes for vibrant, golden photos. It generates glowing white whites, dark blacks, and dull midtones. This preset is excellent for oranges and reds, and does not work Also on lighter photographs

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